We love hearing about excellent customer service. In fact, we try to reward it whenever we can with a Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award.

But what is excellent customer service? What exactly does it mean to go ‘above and beyond’ as many people like to say.

Every business is different and every customer is different, so it’s hard to measure. You can’t simply draw a line and say anything above that is ‘above and beyond’. 

However, here are some ideas that will help you create genuinely outstanding customer service. 

  • Remember that being polite and friendly is a basic standard that should be the norm not the exception
  • Make sure you are getting all the basics right first then build from there
  • Exceptional service is often preemptive where the customer’s needs are anticipated before they even ask
  • Great service often requires employees to be empowered to address problems quickly
  • Likewise, employees should be encouraged to identify opportunities to ‘wow’ customers and act on them
  • Understand the expectations of your customers then think about what you can do to exceed them

The most important thing to remember as a business owner or manager, is that it is up to you to create an environment where your staff can make great things happen.