Our Priorities

Chamber’s View & Objectives for Business in Bundaberg and the Region

How We See Our Role in the Region

Achieving positive outcomes for small and medium businesses is always at the heart of what we do as a local Chamber of Commerce.

To fulfil that role, it is necessary for us to actively engage with those we represent as well as with other influencers in our local region. This includes larger companies, government representatives, not-for-profit organisations and statutory bodies.

Our focus is on pursuing activities that create business opportunities, encourage business growth and generate local employment.

Other Activities

• Actively participate in marketing activities that raise the profile of our region as a destination to do business and entice projects to our region
• Liaising with industry bodies in neighbouring regions in a cooperative approach
• Provide the members with strategic events that offer business building and learning opportunities
• Improvement of communication with existing database of local business contacts
• Ongoing revision of the Chamber’s business and fundraising activities to in turn improve our capacity to serve our members

Current Issues


Chamber regularly identifies key issues that impact on the local business community. Depending upon the issue, our role may be to lobby for a particular outcome, contribute to the discussion, or simply keep our members informed. Below are some key issues we are following at the present time.

Penalty Rates

Penalty rates is an ongoing issue that we believe needs to be consistently monitored (not just during elections). It is important that a balance is maintained between fair wages for employees, scope for employment growth, and viability for business owners who are required to trade on weekends and public holidays.

Bundaberg Port

The State Development Area (SDA) surrounding the Bundaberg Port is a key hub for the growth of existing industries and the creation of new industries in the Bundaberg region. We support development in the SDA in a way that considers environmental, cultural, and social issues and benefits the whole region.

New Home Builds

New home builds are widely used as an economic indicator for regional economies. The construction industry also has many direct and indirect flow-on effects. Chamber is closely monitoring the impacts on business of the current decline in new homes in Bundaberg – bearing in mind that there are other key indicators to consider.