Is your power bill out of control?

Chamber members and non-Chamber members alike have told us that the cost of doing business is too high, and in particular, the prices of electricity!

You’ve told us that the price of power is putting local jobs at risk and for some, the continued viability of your business.

To help with ease some of the pressure, the Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce, inconjunction with Ergon Energy and the Member for Bundaberg, Mr Tom Smith (MP), are pleased to announce the availability of a local resources to assist Bundaberg businesses to resolve any issues they may have with their electricity usage, supply or bill.

This is a great step forward for Bundaberg businesses, and one the Chamber is proud to be part of.

The availabilty of this resource will allow the state government to see exactly how policies and prices are impacting businesses, but more improtantly, it allows businesses to get to the bottom or any usage, supply or billing issues, without the need to lose presious hours out of your business waiting in a phone queue.​

To access this service, complete the form below.