Our Chamber

The Chamber’s Mission

The Bundaberg & District Chamber of Commerce seeks to:

  • Monitor issues and advocate on behalf of our local business community
  • Assist with the positive promotion of our region
  • Engage with all levels of government and other organisations to work towards good outcomes for Bundaberg
  • Work with our neighbouring regions for mutually beneficial results


The Role of Our Committee

Our Management Committee is a dedicated group with diverse points of view gathered from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

The tasks undertaken by the committee include:

  • Managing the business of the Chamber
  • Conducting activities to provide value for members
  • Collaborating with government, industry and other organisations on behalf of our members
  • Assisting with relevant issues that have been raised by our members e.g. providing advice on where to get help with specific aspects of business.

A Word From Our Chamber President

Welcome to Business in the Bundaberg Region.

As the Bundaberg Regional Council highlights, Bundaberg is emerging as one of Australia’s best regional communities in which to invest and live, and our Bundaberg business community strongly reflects this.

For several years now, Bundaberg businesses have shown sound economic growth, while generating diverse opportunities. Coupled with a fantastic lifestyle, Bundaberg is the perfect environment to grow both your business and your family.

Our local businesses and industries continue be buoyed along by a resurgence in local construction and manufacturing, while our Health, Education and agriculture sectors continue to perform well against other areas of the state and nation, as do those businesses that support these industries. Our new industries of ag-tech, bioproducts and defence are areas primed for investment and significant growth.

The Chambers management committee consists of dedicated individuals from a broad range of business, industry and community organisations, volunteering their time to ensure all sectors of the regions business portfolio are represented and advocated for.

Chamber continues to work closely with Business Chamber Queensland, as well as our local, state and federal governments, ensuring the concerns and questions from our business community are heard and acted upon. We keep hearing that business is the backbone of our economy, then business growth, strength and resilience are essential for our economy.

We continue to work with other local partners such as Bundaberg Tourism, BFVG, UDIA and Bundaberg Canegrowers as well as other Chambers across the Wide Bay – Burnett. These strong partnerships allow Chambers voice to be amplified, contributing to the power of our membership.

In Summary

The 2023-2024 committee remains committed to continuing to add value to the business sector, with advocacy, business training, strategic alliances, and networking to enhance business.

The Bundaberg and District Chamber of Commerce continues to be the proud voice of Bundaberg and District businesses.

May your business always be successful.


Tim Sayre


Chamber Committee 2023-2024

Tim Sayre


[email protected]

0421 547 762

Jobs Bundaberg

David Coe


[email protected]

0422 257 431

North West Insurance

Bevan Moller


[email protected]

1300 881 424

Catalyst Directions

Brooke Fossey


[email protected]

0427 409 938

Regional Business HQ

Nathan Bedford


[email protected]

0422 418 545

SCA – Triple M / LiSTNR Bundaberg

Horst Feierabend


Cheryl Graffunder


[email protected]

0478 401 566


Zak Menhennett


[email protected]

0493 115 339

Growth Gyms

Peter Peterson


[email protected]

0477 797 231

Business Focal Point

Cheryl Rayson


Young Business Bundaberg

Millennials are taking their place as tomorrow’s entrepreneurs now! Their input is changing the way we go about doing and running businesses.

Our business leaders of tomorrow are more tech savvy and are taking on the demands of business in many different and innovative ways.

The value that Millennials bring to the negotiation table is clever and it pushes the boundaries, changing and creating the narrative of how things should and will get done in the future.

Millennials represent not just a powerful demographic force, but a uniquely human resource: driven by deeply-held values, an instinct for purpose-led work and natural empathy.

So, the question for regional communities like Bundaberg is how to forge this new wave of business leaders and create the Chamber of tomorrow?

Young Business Bundaberg (Y.B.B.) is powered by the Bundaberg District Chamber of Commerce, aiming to embrace and prioritise the needs of 18 to 39 year olds in business locally!

Clearly, Millennials and members of Generation Y look at and interact in far different ways than generations that have come before and the Bundaberg and District Chamber recognise that and are very focused on promoting and harnessing that valuable contribution now, so that our business community remains strong into the future.

As a Chamber we understand that change is a constant and it has to be at the centre of our existence. We believe that through Y.B.B. our connection and engagement will be more valuable and come from a more meaningful place.

It is our responsibility to employ innovative strategies now so as to craft our networking, training and development efforts empowering our leaders of tomorrow!

The Bundy Chamber is proud to power Young Business Bundaberg.

So what does the year ahead look like for Y.B.B.?

Activities include:

  • Networking Events
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Social Connections
  • Training Workshop
  • Technology Blasts
  • Community Caring
  • School Stuff

We want to hear from you, don’t just be a passenger – contribute!

Contact Chamber’s Y.B.B steering committee soon.