Monday Member Profile Best Practice

26 May 2020

Monday Member Profile Best Practice

26 May 2020 | Uncategorised

Tells us a little bit about Best Practice? Best Practice was launched in the Queensland regional city of Bundaberg in 2004 by Dr Frank Pyefinch, who brought to the company not only the benefits of a career as a busy General Practitioner but also more than a decade’s experience as a pioneer of medical software development. What does BP do? Best Practice Software operates from a network of offices, including its Brisbane Business Centre, Hamilton Operations Centre, Sydney Support Centre, and its Bundaberg Operations Hub, a modern multi-building campus located in the regional city’s Central Business District. The team is dispersed across the office network, working together to develop, market and support quality software products for Australasian Specialist Practices and Allied Health Professionals, as well as General Practitioners.

How many people do they employ?  Bp employees 155 people across Australia and New Zealand and work with numerous contractor within the local market for short term projects and speciality requirements.

What is the favourite part of your job? The variety of work that HR can be exposed to each day. The ability to make a difference in peoples lives, helping them through work or sometimes personal matters, and watching/ working with people who have just started or who had been here before my time with Bp grow and develop their own career path.  

What’s the significant current challenge in your industry? Our challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis have included: 1) ensuring and balancing the health, safety, well being, connectedness, and productivity of our people; 2) ensuring our products remain suited to meet the current needs of our customers and their evolving business/practice; 3) ensuring our software support and sales/licensing services remain available and relevant to our customer needs; and d) managing our assets, facilities, and systems to facilitate changed work patterns.

What is your advice for somebody who wants to work for Best Practice? Understand the industry that you have applied for, and take the time to know what (who) Best practice is. People sometimes forget that we may produce medical software, but we’re a functioning business which has many other branches that are not IT related like HR, Finance, Sales, Support (Technical and Internal Systems), commercial requirement, training, and many more. What skills do they need? Each role is different, but the common (and I think the most important) is team and customer fit.  

What do you love most about the Bundaberg region? Lifestyle and friendly people, moving to Bundaberg from Sydney only 5 years ago I am surprised by the amount of unknown success stories this town as to share – and should, with others.

What’s your favourite activity to do locally and why? Spending time with family and just taking it easy – what I do really depends on how I am feeling.

What’s your favourite local restaurant and meal you most enjoy eating? I don’t really have a favourite restaurant or meal. Being a chef and having over 15 years’ experience in Hospitality, I am always looking for value for money quality food that is different but consistent – it needs to be good and taste, otherwise I might as well cook it myself at home.  

Does pineapple belong on Pizza’s? yes, but only with selected ingredients.

What do you do to relax outside of work? I enjoy cooking and creating different dishes – but please don’t ask me for an exact recipe as I cook by look, smell and feel – this is why I don’t bake. The other thing is working outside in the yard – my wife would stay I am obsessed with my lawn, but I find it relaxing and rewarding.