membership scam

membership scam

Recently an email has been circulating, send by a variety of people, offering to sell the membership details of Chamber members.

These emails look similar to this:











Let me reassure members that this is a scam.  Chamber has no association with these individuals, companies or groups.

Chamber does not and will not ever sell membership details or attendee lists to our events.

Unfortunately we have no control over the emails or the scammers, and other than highlighting the issue to our members, we have little we can do to combat this.

If you do receive one of these emails, please delete it.  If a colleague or friend of yours receives one, please reassure them that it is a scam and they can delete it.

Together, we can make sure these scams don’t continue to grow.


Tim Sayre




Ellie Tonkin, Marketing Manager with Bundaberg Tourism was our special guest speaker at our February 2023 breakfast.

Ellie gave us all the facts and figures on the tourism industry, which we’ve included a link to below.

She also spoke about how we as business owners can maximise the tourism dollar and we’ve included this as a one pager below.



Have Your Say!

From time to time, organisations and Governement departments want to hear from businesses right across the State and the Country. Surveys are a great way for this information to be collected and even presented to decision makers and give our businesses big and small, the opportunity to influence decisions and policy.
Each survey here has been checked by the Chamber for authenticity and relevance.
We want to make sure that you won’t be wasting your time.
If you find a survey that isn’t on our list, please send us a message and we will review and post a link if its appropriate.

Currently Open

Bundaberg Region Business Survey

Open: 5th April 2023

Closes: 30th April 2023

In the first of it’s kind for the region, the results of this combined survey will be used by the local organisations involved to advocate with all levels of Government on behalf of the Bundaberg business community across the Bundaberg Region and gain an insight into the issues faced by businesses in the Bundaberg Region.

Pulse Survey

Open: 5th April 2023

Closes: 25th April 2023

The Business Chamber Queensland Pulse Survey of business conditions for the first quarter of 2023 (March 2023) is now open. We need your feedback about how your business performed in the first quarter of 2023, what’s impacting your business today, and what will influence your decision-making over the next three months.

The previous quarter findings continued to reflect a deterioration of business confidence but improving business performance in the face of rising costs.

The focus of this quarter’s hot topic survey is understanding the new opportunities for Queensland businesses, especially opportunities related to the procurement, infrastructure building, opportunities of new markets, and the opportunities that come with the 2032 Olympic Games.



Paid family and domestic violence leave for some employees

From 1 February 2023, employees of non-small business employers (employers with 15 or more employees) can access 10 days of paid family domestic violence leave. This includes part-time and casual employees.

Employees employed by small business employers (employers with less than 15 employees) can access paid leave from 1 August 2023. Until then, they can continue to take unpaid family and domestic violence leave.

To find out what this means for your business, click on the links below.

Information and Resources for Business

Confidently Stepping Into a New Financial Year

Confidently Stepping Into a New Financial Year

The start of new financial year offers an excellent opportunity to look at some aspects of our business and plan to invest in making improvements over the next twelve months.

Get Your Record-Keeping In Order

For those businesses who have good systems in place, the end of a financial year is relatively stress free. Unfortunately, we know that for many small businesses tax time consists of searching for receipts and searching for funds to pay their tax bill.

If that sounds like you, don’t get caught out again next year. Good bookkeeping software is very affordable and it is easy to set up a separate bank account to set aside funds to cover tax. The peace of mind does wonders for your stress levels and your performance.

Review Your Customers

If you keep a database of individual customers, a new financial year is a great time to drill down into your reports and have a good look at who you are dealing with and what types of customers you want to attract more of.

Don’t just look at revenue. You should also look at the relationship between things like:

  • Profitability
  • Frequency
  • Lifetime value

Plus you also need to weigh up how well you are able to service their needs. Are they calling you at 10 p.m.? If that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, maybe they are better serviced by someone else.

If you don’t have a customer database that can help you extract some of that valuable information, maybe that will be a good place to start this year.

Plan to Serve Your Ideal Customers Better

If it has been a while since you actually asked your customers how you are doing from their point of view, now is a great time to do it. Also look at your internal systems to see where you can improve your service.

When you know where you need to invest resources to better serve your customers, you can plan for it financially whether it be investing in technology, training, or new products and services.

Review Your Online Presence

If your website is your looking dated and your social media accounts are looking neglected, potential customers are probably moving on to a competitor whose online presence looks more professional and inviting. Make getting things up to date a priority.

Plan Your Own Personal Development

As a business owner it’s important to invest in your own learning and development. Go ahead and book into a course or workshop that will make you a more effective leader, business person, manager or whatever your goal is.