What Does ‘Above & Beyond’ Really Mean?

What Does ‘Above & Beyond’ Really Mean?

We love hearing about excellent customer service. In fact, we try to reward it whenever we can with a Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award.

But what is excellent customer service? What exactly does it mean to go ‘above and beyond’ as many people like to say.

Every business is different and every customer is different, so it’s hard to measure. You can’t simply draw a line and say anything above that is ‘above and beyond’. 

However, here are some ideas that will help you create genuinely outstanding customer service. 

  • Remember that being polite and friendly is a basic standard that should be the norm not the exception
  • Make sure you are getting all the basics right first then build from there
  • Exceptional service is often preemptive where the customer’s needs are anticipated before they even ask
  • Great service often requires employees to be empowered to address problems quickly
  • Likewise, employees should be encouraged to identify opportunities to ‘wow’ customers and act on them
  • Understand the expectations of your customers then think about what you can do to exceed them

The most important thing to remember as a business owner or manager, is that it is up to you to create an environment where your staff can make great things happen.

Good Things Happen When You Buy Local

Good Things Happen When You Buy Local

Obviously we are big fans of supporting local businesses wherever possible. We also understand that customers have a variety of reasons for choosing a particular business over another. The reasons someone chooses a particular business could include price, convenience, product quality, service or a combination of those things. All we ask is that you give a local business the opportunity to meet your needs. 

Here are some good reasons to support local businesses whenever possible… 

When More Money is Spent Locally, More of it Stays Here

The ‘ripple effect’ of a dollar spent locally spreads throughout our regional economy. Once that dollar leaves, that can’t happen. 

Local Small Businesses are the Best at Creating Jobs

There is no sector that is better at creating direct jobs than small business where it happens faster and more efficiently than in larger organisations. In turn, this creates demand for jobs in other sectors such as construction, health, education and essential services.

Encourage Local Entrepreneurs 

People are more likely to start a new business in a community that actively supports local businesses. 

You Help Make Bundaberg a More Attractive Destination

Visitors may come for the major attractions but they are always looking for extra little experiences. Bundaberg becomes a much better overall destination when we can offer a variety of interesting and unique businesses.  

Do Your Bit for the Environment

When you buy local that mean less transport of goods. Less transport means less emissions and less packaging. . 

Supporting the Community

Of course we are grateful to all businesses who support the community. However, let’s remember that local small businesses make up a huge proportion of donations of in-kind goods, money, time and resources to support community groups, clubs and events. 

More Money Is Available for Reinvestment 

When more money stays local and small businesses are able to create jobs, ultimately there is more money available to local government for investing in major projects and the region becomes more attractive to private investors.

Local Knowledge, Expertise & Support

You will often find that local businesses have specific knowledge that will help you make the best choice when purchasing. They are also much better placed to offer fast and efficient after sales support. 

More of the Products You Want

It’s simple supply and demand. When you support local businesses the more likely they are to be able to stock a wider variety of products.

We are on a mission to keep growing a thriving local business community. It starts with all of us making a decision to support a local business whenever possible.

Confidently Stepping Into a New Financial Year

Confidently Stepping Into a New Financial Year

The start of new financial year offers an excellent opportunity to look at some aspects of our business and plan to invest in making improvements over the next twelve months.

Get Your Record-Keeping In Order

For those businesses who have good systems in place, the end of a financial year is relatively stress free. Unfortunately, we know that for many small businesses tax time consists of searching for receipts and searching for funds to pay their tax bill.

If that sounds like you, don’t get caught out again next year. Good bookkeeping software is very affordable and it is easy to set up a separate bank account to set aside funds to cover tax. The peace of mind does wonders for your stress levels and your performance.

Review Your Customers

If you keep a database of individual customers, a new financial year is a great time to drill down into your reports and have a good look at who you are dealing with and what types of customers you want to attract more of.

Don’t just look at revenue. You should also look at the relationship between things like:

  • Profitability
  • Frequency
  • Lifetime value

Plus you also need to weigh up how well you are able to service their needs. Are they calling you at 10 p.m.? If that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, maybe they are better serviced by someone else.

If you don’t have a customer database that can help you extract some of that valuable information, maybe that will be a good place to start this year.

Plan to Serve Your Ideal Customers Better

If it has been a while since you actually asked your customers how you are doing from their point of view, now is a great time to do it. Also look at your internal systems to see where you can improve your service.

When you know where you need to invest resources to better serve your customers, you can plan for it financially whether it be investing in technology, training, or new products and services.

Review Your Online Presence

If your website is your looking dated and your social media accounts are looking neglected, potential customers are probably moving on to a competitor whose online presence looks more professional and inviting. Make getting things up to date a priority.

Plan Your Own Personal Development

As a business owner it’s important to invest in your own learning and development. Go ahead and book into a course or workshop that will make you a more effective leader, business person, manager or whatever your goal is.