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1. Augmented Reality

FREE Consultation to review your current marketing activities. I'll spend approximately 45 minutes with you.

Call me on 0421547762


Tim Sayre

Augmented Reality
2. Finding The Light Counselling Service

Life getting you down?

· I work with people who are struggling in their life.

· Their relationships have no meaning, they feel depressed or are drowning in stress.

· I help them to discover how to enhance their relationships, overcome their depression and reduce the stress they experience.

Talk to someone outside of your problem.

Call David 0407 585 497 today and take the first step to stop the struggle!

Finding The Light Counselling Service
3. Genesis Business Group

FREE Business Health Check - I'll spend between 45 minutes to an hour going over your business with you and performing a "Profit Improvement Analysis"

Call for a confidential appointment 0412667559


Yale Morgan

Genesis Business Group
4. Horses In Lives Special Offer

 "Horses In Lives helps People deal with everyday life issues, relating to mental health or personal growth, such as anxiety, stress-related issues, bullying, grief or condition such as Asperger to name a few. Participants in Equine Assisted Activities learn or practice essential life-skills such as communication or assertiveness while spending time with the horses. All activities are GROUND BASED. NO RIDING INVOLVED. Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning is an experiential short term therapy approach. It means that Individuals learn through DOING AND BEING. Usually 4 to 8 sessions are enough to deal with most issues. Anyone from 6 years old can benefit!"

Special offer until end of financial year: Attend and pay for 4 sessions, get a fifth session for free!

Contact details:
Nathalie Phillips
Mobile 0429623707
Horses In Lives Special Offer
5. Solutions 4 HR

Solutions for Human Resources are happy to offer businesses a FREE Desktop Audit on Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety.

What is the Audit?

The audit covers critical compliance requirements of the Fair Work Act and the Work Health and Safety Act.

It is a handy process to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in processes and activities of the organisation.

Who is Involved?

Usually the people responsible for administering and managing Human Resources and Workplace Health and Safety are required. Typically this would include discussions with the Payroll Officer, Manager or Owner.

How long does it take?

Depending upon the number of people involved, questions and discussions, typically a desktop audit of this nature would take between 1½ to 2 hours.

What information do we need to collect to be ready for an audit?

As this is a Desktop Audit, the auditor won’t require sighting all documents. The audit relies upon the verbal confirmation of documents, records, processes and practices in place. The Auditor may ask for to see a few documents to confirm some content. It is advised to be totally honest as it will only benefit your organisation.

What are the outcomes?

During the discussion, the auditor will provide information and suggestions (verbally). People involved in the audit are welcome to take many notes.

At the end of the audit the business will receive a photocopy of the audit checklist – mostly with ticks or crosses indicating compliance or improvement required.

No written report is supplied. However, a quote can be organised for a Detailed Audit and written Report.

If the business is interested in improving an area of deficiency, the Auditor can organise a detailed quote for developing customised procedures, forms and training as required.


The professional reputation of Solutions for Human Resources is based upon confidentiality. Any information and discussions remain confidential and are not shared with any third party.

Solutions 4 HR