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    Does you business have an OOPS policy?

    - posted by Yale Morgan

    Your business is perfect right? A mistake is never made, a promise to a team member or customer is never broken, every delivery of the product or service is spot on each and every time .. No? It isn’t? Then what should we do about it?

    Firstly .. don't worry, no business is without its faults, particularly our people, we’re just human after all. So in reality, there isn't much you can do other than continued training and nurturing your team and building user friendly systems.

    But .. what you can do is make sure when something does go wrong, you and the team know exactly what to do, I like to call it the “Oops Policy”.

    As an example, small mistakes could be handled with a phone call to say sorry and a little “sorry note” with a “scratch it” ticket. A larger mistake might need “Oops Pack No.2” which might include dinner voucher and movie tickets. And a severe might need the “Super Oops Package” where you might roll up the sleeves and clean their home for a day .. well maybe thats a bit extreme, but I’m sure you get where I’m coming from.

    Most importantly this must be a consistent approach and the team must embrace this, of course they have to also come from a position of trust, if they are going to get shot down each time a mistake is made .. guess what gets swept under the carpet!

    This is also a great way to reactivate lost or lapsed customers, in the past I’ve used a simple card that had some basic questions .. starting with “If we made a mistake or something was less than perfect on your last visit .. here’s your chance to rip us apart” Then add a couple of simple choices they can tick.

    The most important part of the card is the final question which is simply this .. “I’d come back to you if …” then you would mention all the benefits. Also included would be some vouchers, movie tickets etc.

    Why don't you try it .. you’ll be surprised at how many cards get returned but importantly, how many customers return with their wallets open!

    To Your Business Success


    Yale Morgan

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