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    What Type Of Sales Person Is On Your Team?

    - posted by Yale Morgan

    As we continue with our series on sales and selling, I’d like to share some great insights into the types of sales people that are possibly on your team and what that could mean for your business. Saturday just gone was Re iGNITE Business Conference where we focussed mostly on sales. Guest speaker Tony Gattari form The Achievers Group, shared some principles from a book “The Challenger Sale” where authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson share the secret of sales success. They have identified typical sales people.

    Basically there are five distinctive types being:

    1/ The Hard Worker

    2/ The Challenger

    3/ The Relationship Builder

    4/ The Lone Wolf

    5/ The Reactive Problem Solver

    Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll unpack these sales types and share what results they are likely to provide your business.

    Lets begin with “The hard worker”, typically they are always willing to go the extra mile, tenacious and wont give up easily. As a general rule they are self motivated and interested in yours and customer feedback and personal development. Great to have on your team, happily crunch the call numbers and don't get overly concerned if a deal falls over. Although, they will work even harder to try and resurrect it.

    Secondly, lets consider “The Challenger”, these people have a completely different view of the world. They understand the customers business, needs and wants. Because of this they love to debate, yes i hear you thinking, what argue with a customer?? No - challenge your customers thinking, push them, delve into why they are buying and what results they truely want. Consider them like a gym coach .. never letting up until you've done your reps, pushing you to your limits to the the desire results.

    Yes, at time I’m sure you'd like to drop the weights on their head, but when you fall back exhausted knowing how much good that has done you, you're very appreciative of the push.

    Next week we’ll cover off the remaining types and look at who gets the best results.

    To Your Business Success


    Yale Morgan

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