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Learn To Love Objections

- posted by Yale Morgan

Last article we discussed “How do we sell more at higher prices?” Of course, along the way, you're going to have to cover and fend off objections. Some will be true others will be throwaway objections. In essence there are two main reasons for an objection to come up:
1/ The prospect doesn't trust you
2/ You haven't convinced them you can meet their needs or wants or help them achieve their desired objectives (especially in B2B situations)

Regardless of the reasons, the Golden Rule for Objection management is they are always a request for further information. The fact is, an objection, is a special kind of buying signal. If the person(s) in front of you weren't interested, they'd just walk away right?

I sales, we must learn to love objections and have clear strategies on how to handle them. Each business will have a fairly specific set of objections often used by potential customers/ clients.

It’s important to understand, a persons rejection of your request for them to buy is not a rejection of you, just a rejection of the offer you made. Originally developed by Peter McKeon of “Salesmasters International”, the key to success in handling objections is a 6 point plan. Over the next couple of Articles we’ll run thorough them.

Firstly you must Empathize the objection. Never argue with the objection as thats the fast way to lose the customer from the onset. Accept your potential customers perspective as the point in which you’ll begin the process of managing the objection.

As an example” John I can completely understand you’ll need to think about it, many of our most loyal customers said the same thing - at first”

So as your first action point, get your team together and list 5 main objections they face when selling to customers and start with Step 1 - Empathize The Objection.

I’d love to see what you come up with, feel free to flick over an email with your results to or leave a comment on the blog page.

To Your Business Success

Yale Morgan


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