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How Effective is Your Web Site Front Page

- posted by Yale Morgan

What is the number one goal for your web site? You may be surprised, no, it's not so people can learn more about you, or the stunning graphics and clever intros it's not so people can see what you're up to, how good you are etc, frankly they don't care, they only care about what you can do for them, How you can add value to their lives.

In business, your Web Site's sole function is to gather you leads and pass them on to you or the team member you have dedicated to web enquiries. The same as any marketing, you want your customers to do something.

Previously I’ve written (and spoken about many times in seminars) about monitoring conversion rates when people make an enquiry via traditional means. Well, your web site is no different, in fact it's crucial you do everything possible to make it easy for potential customers to connect with you. You've got around 30 seconds, or less before, they decide you are or are not for them. What is the golden rule in all marketing? To be able to test and measure results, luckily the Web allows us to track this easily. (Perhaps another article). To do this, you must have a data collection device on your site, preferably right hand side under the heading. You must have a completing reason for the customer to give you their name and email address, remember you need to add value to them. Often we use important and high value tips or reports etc in exchange for their name and email. At this point, don't ask for anymore details, there are reasons why but again, perhaps for another article.

Remembering the web can give us information on how many visit, what they look at, for how long they stay etc, but most importantly the statistic on how many visits to downloads - hence your conversion. Now, here's the exciting bit, you can have your web page automatically split and display two pages in rotation, on each of these, change one aspect, perhaps different offers, headlines, video vs copy or any other testing measure you choose. We call these "A/B Split Test" .. For example, when I log on to your site, I'll see a different page to someone else, a 50/50 split.

This all happens without your continued input. I'd suggest you leave this for two weeks to a month, run your report and display the page that gives you the best results. Again, you may want to create another A/B split test with this page and change one aspect, just like you would with traditional marketing.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan


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