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Do You Own Your Own Online Real Estate Part 2

- posted by Yale Morgan

In the last article I talked about you owning your own name in the online real estate space. I’m not talking about just your business, but also you - “Bill Smith” and the importance of this. Remember, when you are going to meet a potential new client or supplier, what’s everyone doing before the catch up - Googling the other right!

The last article touched on a great website that ranks well called Hopefully you’ve gone in and spent 10 minutes setting up for personal profile.

I’d also recommend you get your one name as the domain name, might be a little difficult if you have a common name, but if you can get the at least. Depending what you’d like people to know, this could be more focussed around your professional life and your business, perhaps leave the more personal stuff on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler and

On this page, not only would you in many ways, mirror your business page, but also highlight some of the community work and passions you have that help others, be mindful not to make it to much of a “look at me” type copy, but share experiences and more importantly outcomes of the work you do. Charities you support and community organisations you or your team are involved in (yes, these should also be part of your business page too)

You might be thinking, thats what LinkedIn is for and yes you are correct, but it doesn't hurt to have another line on the Google ranking - giving your prospective new client more reason to trust and buy from you!

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan


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