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Develop A Culture Of Trust

- posted by Yale Morgan

Yes of course your customers must trust you and your business practices should leave no doubt whatsoever in their mind that they can trust your products and services implicitly. This isn't the culture of trust i’m talking about. In the book by Patrick Lencioni called The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team his story is centred around a fictitious company of quality products and services, abundant financing, perfect market conditions etc yet there isn't any growth, in fact the business seems to be imploding.

If you can imagine a pyramid, with the foundation being the largest what would you think is paramount to any business success? TRUST - Among the team.

This isn't an easy thing to do, and far too often I see this in many businesses, the people responsible for creating trust and acceptance in the marketplace .. don't trust each other, crippling the business.

You see, building trust among the team, (including you, sorry to say, but many employees don't fully trust their immediate supervisors, managers and owners), requires vulnerability and the courage to take risks knowing their backs are covered, regardless of the outcome.

Building trust is empowering your team to have frank open discussions and candid debate. Without being too involved in their lives, trust comes from a place of understanding what else is going on outside work, what are your teams hopes, desires, passions and fears. Where are they most vulnerable in the workplace that perhaps you can plug that gap. On the flip side, where are you, the business owner/ manager, most vulnerable, and how can they help you?

Like respect, trust can only be earned. You and your team must encourage each other and stick the hand out when a member is struggling. Be open about where the business is headed, the tasks at hand and be specific about the desired results.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan


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