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What Type Of Sales Person Is On Your Team - Part 3

- posted by Yale Morgan

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing different sales people types you may have in your business. Based on the book, “The Challenger Sale” where authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson share the secret of sales success, so far you've learnt about the following types:

1/ The Hard Worker

2/ The Challenger

3/ The Relationship Builder

4/ The Lone Wolf

The last one on the list is the Reactive Problem Solver. These people are reliable and respond well to their colleagues and customers. In their work, they are quite detailed and have an excellent range of knowledge. Not just about the company, service or products, but also about the customer.

As the name suggests - All problems they come across, their mission is to get them solved, and often wont rest until there is a solution. There’s no walking away with these guys!

Now that you know the different types, who do you think returns the highest sales? The Hard Worker, perhaps theRelationship Builder, you may be surprised to discover, at 39%, The Challenger is the stand out! Second is The Lone Wolf with 35%, followed by The Hard Worker, Reactive Problem Solver and coming in last, The Relationship Builder, with 17%, 12% and 7% respectively.

Whist employing the Challengers and Lone Wolves may pose a concern as far as how to control them, they’ll certainly bring you in the results. Perhaps you’ll need to have a relationship builder to take over the customer once the initial sale is made and a new customer on board.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

What Type Of Sales Person Is On Your Team - Part 2

- posted by Yale Morgan

If you recall a couple of weeks ago in discussing what type of sales people you have on your team, you learnt more about two being “The Hard Worker” and “The Challenger”. Based on the book, “The Challenger Sale” where authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson share the secret of sales success.

The next three you’ll find out in more detail are:

3/ The Relationship Builder
4/ The Lone Wolf
5/ The Reactive Problem Solver

The relationship builders in the business are fantastic. The nurturers and the “steady”. You’ll find they get along with everyone and spend their days trying to please, not just your customers, but also the team around them. Will they keep your current customers loyal to your business - They sure will!

Lets now consider “The Lone Wolf”, Quite challenging and perhaps not often part of the team. The rule breaker, operate in their own field of expertise and enjoy pretty good success rate in sales. these people have a completely different view of the world - mainly their own. They believe, without them, no one else would survive in the company.

Next week, we’ll talk about the Reactive problem solver, and give you the results on who make the best sales people in an organisation.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

What Type Of Sales Person Is On Your Team?

- posted by Yale Morgan

As we continue with our series on sales and selling, I’d like to share some great insights into the types of sales people that are possibly on your team and what that could mean for your business. Saturday just gone was Re iGNITE Business Conference where we focussed mostly on sales. Guest speaker Tony Gattari form The Achievers Group, shared some principles from a book “The Challenger Sale” where authors Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson share the secret of sales success. They have identified typical sales people.

Basically there are five distinctive types being:

1/ The Hard Worker

2/ The Challenger

3/ The Relationship Builder

4/ The Lone Wolf

5/ The Reactive Problem Solver

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll unpack these sales types and share what results they are likely to provide your business.

Lets begin with “The hard worker”, typically they are always willing to go the extra mile, tenacious and wont give up easily. As a general rule they are self motivated and interested in yours and customer feedback and personal development. Great to have on your team, happily crunch the call numbers and don't get overly concerned if a deal falls over. Although, they will work even harder to try and resurrect it.

Secondly, lets consider “The Challenger”, these people have a completely different view of the world. They understand the customers business, needs and wants. Because of this they love to debate, yes i hear you thinking, what argue with a customer?? No - challenge your customers thinking, push them, delve into why they are buying and what results they truely want. Consider them like a gym coach .. never letting up until you've done your reps, pushing you to your limits to the the desire results.

Yes, at time I’m sure you'd like to drop the weights on their head, but when you fall back exhausted knowing how much good that has done you, you're very appreciative of the push.

Next week we’ll cover off the remaining types and look at who gets the best results.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

Is Your Customer A Zero Or A Hero?

- posted by Yale Morgan

Growing up we all had a hero, for some of us there were many, from the superheroes on TV to our teachers, youth leaders and of course our Mum and/ or Dad. Remember how we admired and respected them, even hanging on the every word they said.

Being in awe of their presence and wanting to grow up to be just like them? Sadly as we grow older, life gets in the way and in many cases we no longer have our heroes. But if you're in business, I put this to you .. Your customers and your team are your new heroes! Sadly I see many businesses treat customers as Zero’s.

Watch your business explode when you admire, respect and hang off every word your customers and staff say. Why do I include your team? In the words of Sir Richard Branson .. Look after your staff and they will look after your customers.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

How Effective is Your Web Site Front Page

- posted by Yale Morgan

What is the number one goal for your web site? You may be surprised, no, it's not so people can learn more about you, or the stunning graphics and clever intros it's not so people can see what you're up to, how good you are etc, frankly they don't care, they only care about what you can do for them, How you can add value to their lives.

In business, your Web Site's sole function is to gather you leads and pass them on to you or the team member you have dedicated to web enquiries. The same as any marketing, you want your customers to do something.

Previously I’ve written (and spoken about many times in seminars) about monitoring conversion rates when people make an enquiry via traditional means. Well, your web site is no different, in fact it's crucial you do everything possible to make it easy for potential customers to connect with you. You've got around 30 seconds, or less before, they decide you are or are not for them. What is the golden rule in all marketing? To be able to test and measure results, luckily the Web allows us to track this easily. (Perhaps another article). To do this, you must have a data collection device on your site, preferably right hand side under the heading. You must have a completing reason for the customer to give you their name and email address, remember you need to add value to them. Often we use important and high value tips or reports etc in exchange for their name and email. At this point, don't ask for anymore details, there are reasons why but again, perhaps for another article.

Remembering the web can give us information on how many visit, what they look at, for how long they stay etc, but most importantly the statistic on how many visits to downloads - hence your conversion. Now, here's the exciting bit, you can have your web page automatically split and display two pages in rotation, on each of these, change one aspect, perhaps different offers, headlines, video vs copy or any other testing measure you choose. We call these "A/B Split Test" .. For example, when I log on to your site, I'll see a different page to someone else, a 50/50 split.

This all happens without your continued input. I'd suggest you leave this for two weeks to a month, run your report and display the page that gives you the best results. Again, you may want to create another A/B split test with this page and change one aspect, just like you would with traditional marketing.

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

Local Suppliers For Council

- posted by Yale Morgan


Mayor Mal Forman has welcomed the commitment of mayoral candidates regarding the use of local suppliers and contractors to undertake Council work.

Responding to an article in the News Mail (24/02/16) where mayoral candidates backed initiatives to distribute Council tenders across regional suppliers, Cr Forman said Council had a strong focus on supporting local business.

"It’s gratifying to see these candidates advocating for the continued support of our local businesses.

"Under Council’s procurement avenues we have systems in place that encourage locals to register for the opportunity to supply Council.

"To further strengthen opportunities for local businesses, Council is introducing an online state of the art purchasing system called VendorPanel Marketplace as part of its holistic approach to purchasing.

"We invite all tradespeople, caterers – in fact all small business owners – to register their details via the VendorPanel website and to be included in quoting for some of the more than $50 million Council spends annually in goods and services locally.

"When the Council has the need for any products or services, they will be able to search, nominate and contact local suppliers registered on the system.

"As a consequence, businesses will receive an email notification informing them they have been invited to submit a quote. All they need to do is log in for details and then upload their quotation. It’s simple and free.”

"I note with interest the newspaper report refers to two larger contracts as examples of contracts being awarded to out of town contractors.

"Council has previously informed the community that around $10 million of the $14.5 million multiplex contract will be shared among sub-contractors locally.”

Cr Forman said he believed Council endeavoured to assist local business in every practical way and to drive economic growth and job creation.

"We understand that investing money locally helps create job opportunities and assists local businesses in maintaining its workforce.

"At times, the expertise required for a particular contract is simply not available locally. In instances where contracts may be awarded out of our region Council endeavours to ascertain the level of supply involvement an external contractor may seek locally.

"To date the State Government has been generous in supporting not only Council projects but getting behind major infrastructure such as the $19 million gas pipeline to the Port of Bundaberg.”

Cr Forman said he was delighted Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson had requested Council take advantage of funding available through the State’s Building our Regions program.

"It’s great that the State government sees such value in supporting regional communities like Bundaberg with major infrastructure projects such as the multiplex centre and other Council shovel ready projects.”


Media Officer, Megan Dean Ph: 0409 392 236

Senior Media Officer, Wayne Heidrich Ph: 0438 638 407

Media and Marketing Manager, Megan Magill Ph: 0439 402 715


How To Write Great Sales Copy That Sells

- posted by Yale Morgan

When you write sales copy, be it for print or online, its important you put yourself in your customers mindset, think and act like they do. Imagine your typical “A Grade” customer and write your copy directly to him or her, just as you would write to a friend or relative. Remember we have talked before about the format of good copy AIDA (Attention, Interest Desire and Action), but this article where the content comes in to play.

Consider these when creating sales copy that gets “bums on seats”, they are:

1/ What your potential customer wants to know

2/ What are they thinking (an educated guess, by knowing your typical customer)

3/ Their potential personality make up (previously we have discussed this as well, important you understand what makes them tick)

Below is a few key check list items you’ll need to expand on for great sales copy:

1/ What is the proposition? - exactly what are you offering?

2/ Whats in it for me? - This is by far the biggest concern, you must explain how they will benefit form the product or service.

3/ Why should I believe what you say? Trust is so important, if your offer seems to good to be true, guess what .. you’ll only attract the wrong type of customer.

4/ How long does it take to receive? Anticipation is great, but don't disappoint by promoting something then letting your customers down with delivery times. an easy example would be the delivery of a product that has to be ordered, but what about promoting a specific service and then turn around and say “sorry, i don't have any available appointments for 2 months”

5/ What will you do if I don't like it or it doesn't suit my needs? Other than statutory warranty, again this is important. I spend a lot of time with clients on Risk Reversal, in essence, you need to take the risk out of buying for them.

6/ Have I made the right decision? - It’s important address this by reassuring them in your copy.

And finally:

7/ How do you want me to respond? Remember the “Action” from above, you need to tell them exactly what you want them to do. e.g. call this number, visit this site, cut out this section etc.

So have fun with your sales copy, always be honest and ethical and if you know your target market, you’ll have success!

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

Would You Buy From You?

- posted by Yale Morgan

Interesting question, can you answer it truthfully? Now days customers meet with numerous salespeople (plus the online “electronic” salespeople), Your customer is exposed to every sales gimmick, trick, style and approach. The old rule about how someone will make a decision about you within 30 seconds, well, its probably half that with a sales person!

Your customer will either like you and stay interested, or don't like you and tune out. That's why it's important to constantly assess your own sales style ... in short, would you buy from you? Remember, you customer is only listening to their favourite station WIIFM (Whats in it for me)

That said here are 14 questions(as prepared by legendary sales guru Tim Bednarz) to ponder:

1. Do you show a genuine interest in your customer's needs and problems?

2. Do you listen attentively when your customers talk, or are you just waiting to give your pitch or add your own comments?

3. When you make promises, do you follow through and deliver what you promised?

4. When presented with problems or questions, do you always respond quickly?

5. Do you present your features and benefits before you have had a chance to determine how or why your benefits can help your prospect?

6. Do you over-promise your prospect just to close the sale?

7. Do you thoroughly believe in the company, product or service you represent and sell?

8. What is first and foremost in your mind? Your Commission? Your Quota? or Your Customer?

9. When you contact a customer, are they happy to hear from you?

10. Do you keep your customers current of what is happening in your industry and aware of current events that might be of interest to them?

11. What is your goal? To close the sale or build a long-term relationship with your customers?

12. Do you work to achieve a Win-Win situation with your customers

13. What would you do if you discovered that your prospect wasn't right for your product?

14. If your competitor's product better served the needs of your customer, would you recommend it to them?

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

Time To review Your Goals

- posted by Yale Morgan

If you recall, a few weeks ago we opened the year with the mantra “This Year”, hereby looking at setting some new goals for 2016. Guess what, time to review .. or for some, make a start!

Firstly, ask yourself, “How committed am I to this new goal?”, in the words of Napoleon Hill “Week desires bring week results”, lets get that sorted from the onset. Get committed to setting and achieving your goals!

In one of my favourite books, “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill gives you the secret to effective goal setting by studying the business greats of his time, and they all had a common set of rules when it came to achieving goals and building vast empires.

Here is a summary of Napoleon’s simple steps towards achieving your goals:

1/ Visualise it.

Involve all of your senses in painting the picture. What will the result look like, feel like, what will be different about your life and the lives of others when you achieve the goal. Truth is, if you cant visualise yourself achieving the goal, chances are you wont.

2/ Create a plan.

Basic stuff right? But many people have these wonderful, life changing fulfilling goals but no plan as to how they are to achieve them! This needs to be written and in enough detail identifying mile stones and dates for completion. Without the plan, there is no way forward.

3/ Commit to making it happen.

Yes, the most important part .. commitment, without it all you'll have is a series of constantly changing situations with nothing achieved. No Commitment = No Goal

4/ Monitor progress.

You’ve heard the saying “you get respect when you inspect what you expect”, not only does the team see your commitment but that you're also monitoring their commitment. Motivation will come as the little milestones are achieved. Plus, if you do veer off course, you can quickly return to the original path.

Perhaps you know these steps, the reality is, will you implement? Of course you will, because you're interested in building a success full business and managing a great team.

So lets get focussed on taking action, lets make changes that will have an immediate difference and get smarter than your competitors. Be passionate in the face of adversity and celebrate every win!

If you’d like to know more about implementing successful goal strategies in your business, flick me an email,

To Your Business Success


Yale Morgan

What Will You Do Differently This Year?

- posted by Yale Morgan

As we enter the beginning of an exciting new year, I hope you have given time to reflect on 2015. Whilst there were many challenges, and obstacles, it’s also important we celebrate the triumphs! If you haven’t already, now is the time to be planning 2016 and what opportunities could be.

Maybe you’ve heard the term in business “I Have Met The Enemy – And He Or She Is Me”.

So often this is true but, a very exciting concept because that means as owners or managers, we have the ability to change dramatically, the insides of the 4 walls we call our business.

An article that we have used many times in the past (with updates), originally written by my mentor Damien Parker is something I like to remind my clients as we approach each new year. Titled “This Year”

  • This year I’m, not going to be a procrastinator; I’m going to do things on time every time. This year I’m going to utilise my time effectively.

  • This year I’m going to plan my day in advance – in fact I’m going to write down my job functions every morning – first up! I’m going to prioritise them and I’m going to attack them in the order of importance.

  • This year I’m going to give me and my family the priority we deserve, which is priority 1,2 and 3. I’m also going to concentrate on my health, because a dead me is no good to anybody.
  • This year I'm going to work on my spiritual health by spending time in prayer and meditation

  • This year I’m going to delegate more to my staff but firstly I’m going to find out whether they are suited to the role and then I’m going to train the hell out of them. 
  • This year I’m going to look for people doing things right, and I’m going to comment on their good performances and reward them accordingly.

  • This year I’m going to communicate more effectively with my staff, in fact I’m going to schedule regular meetings to inform them of what’s going on. I’m going to tell them what’s going right as well as what’s going wrong, above all, I’m going to get them involved. I’m going to seek their views and suggestions.

  • This year I’m going to implement a regular program of calling my customers or clients – just to say hello and to let them know that I care about their progress. 

  • This year I’m going to say thanks more often and smile when I say it.

  • This year I’m going to I’m going to keep a positive mental attitude and I’m going to be a motivator of others. 
  • This year I’m not going to make a promise unless I can deliver on it. 

  • This year I’m going to actively look for opportunities. 
  • This year I’m going to concentrate on pleasing my existing customers and be absolutely loving of my big customers.

  • This year I’m going to get everyone in my business to think “Do It Right First Time”. 
  • This year I’m going to concentrate on the rule of “A penny saved is a penny gained” and look for every cost savings idea in every facet of the business. 

  • This year I’m going to concentrate on building up my average sale, by actively up selling, cross selling, down selling and switch selling. 
  • This year I'm going to get smarter on the use of the digital economy in my marketing and become a social media guru

  • This year the entire business is going to concentrate on doing the little things right everyday, and to do this, I need to inform the staff, keep them alert and motivated everyday. We’re going to sweat the small stuff. 

  • This year I’m going to concentrate on building my business on a secure base. 
  • This year I’m going to get serious about training; I’m going to train my staff into a superior outfit. 
  • And This year I’m going to make my staff proud to be associated with my business or division and damn it, I’m going to mighty proud myself when we achieve all the goals we deserve. 

So go to it before your competition does, because within the 4 walls we call our business - there is enormous opportunity.

To a Positive and Prosperous 2016!


Yale Morgan