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    Are You Having Fun With Your Customers?

    - posted by Yale Morgan

    For those who know me, know I attend many events as well as conduct and host events such as Re iGNITE around building better businesses. All to often I come across business owners who are a little disillusioned with the status quo. It can be tough out there, right. Particularly in retail, the constant barrage of competitor discounting and on line offers etc. Not to mention customers becoming more and more demanding, sound like your business? Firstly, we must remind ourselves, the only reason we get to open our doors is because of those enter and spend their hard earned cash! It’s our job to help them lighten their wallets with great product, services and yes, it’s up to us to entertain them!

    So what works for your business? How about you ask your best customers, they’ll soon tell you the good, bad and the ugly.

    Let’s start with having fun with your team and customers (remember the Fish story). Now this is certainly not a new concept, but one I think many retailers, especially the smaller ones have moved away from. Seems the perception is everyone is focused on price and expect every customer that walks in is just "shopping for the best price" or looking at what they need and headed home to buy online , or worse - have their smart phones and tablets out ready to pounce! This in itself creates a psychological barrier between staff member and customer. The staff member already has a negative view of the outcome with the person in front of them who has taken time out of their day to visit, learn and possibly purchase. (I should mention only around 6% of people buy on price alone, plus the decision to purchase was made before they left home, picked up the phone etc).

    So what I would recommend you do to drastically change your turnover, and importantly, profit? Simply this .. Get yourself and your team to have fun with your customers, ensure the experience when customers walk into your business is exceptional. Make everything interactive, show your customers the "really cool stuff" which will generate excitement, and you guessed it SALES .. With great margin!

    The overwhelming focus for your business must be the experience the customer has with every contact. You’ll find people are all of a sudden no longer looking for the best price, but the solution, one that is fun and exciting!

    When we change our attitudes towards the potential outcomes, the opportunities for growth are endless! And dare I say, a lot more fun and profitable. You see, if you and your team can make the decision that, every person that walks into that business, walks out saying WOW!

    What is it that you and your team say or think, about your customers and clients, what are your attitudes towards those who enter your premises? Are you excited about what your business has to offer, the possibilities and the long term relationships you and your team can develop?

    For a FREE Special Action Report called “Falling In Love With Your Business Again” click here to download

    To Your Business Success

    Yale Morgan

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